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 "In July 2019, UK Strategic Command (then Joint Forces Command) published the TLB People strategy setting the vision as – To have an empowered, productive workforce that is both personally and professionally fulfilled. Taking this as the foundation, our People vision is: The DMS will be the best place to work in Defence. We will be recognised as an empowering, committed and rewarding employer that values and respects its people."

Dr Peter Homa CBE, Director General, Defence Medical Services

The Ministry of Defence is committed to recruiting and retaining the best possible people from across the country, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, working pattern, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation or, for Civil Servants, whether they are disabled.

This is not only morally the right thing to do, but is fundamental to the operational effectiveness of defence.

We are striving to be an employer of choice through recognising, encouraging and celebrating diversity, and ensuring everyone in defence plays their part in promoting an inclusive working environment and respecting and valuing the unique contribution of each individual.

Our work to become a more diverse and inclusive organisation is being driven by the Defence Diversity and Inclusion Programme which was established in 2013 and covers both civilian and military employees.

As a part of this programme we are working to meet the government’s aspiration for 10% of new recruits into the armed forces to be from BAME communities by 2020. Additionally we are striving to meet a target of 15% of new recruits into the armed forces to be female by 2020.

While recruitment is an important element of our work, the wider Defence Diversity and Inclusion Programme takes a much broader view of diversity and inclusion and is driving real change by embedding diversity and inclusion within our leadership and culture and taking steps to increase the retention and progression of people from under represented groups. This all encompassing approach to diversity and inclusion is essential if the department is to retain the high quality people that we recruit.

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Affiliations and partnerships

The MOD is a member of the following organisations:

  • Stonewall
  • Race for Opportunity
  • Opportunity Now
  • Employers Forum on Disability
  • And affiliated to a:gender

Useful links and documents

UK armed forces biannual diversity statistics

Ministry of Defence Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2018 - 2030

Defence is increasingly challenging itself to become a more diverse and inclusive organisation. This is not just the right thing to do from a moral perspective, there is a clear business imperative for acting: diversity and inclusion (D&I) contributes directly to operational effectiveness. A diverse and inclusive organisation is a stronger, healthier, more cohesive and resilient organisation. D&I drives performance, increases creative thinking and reduces the risks of group think - all of which are mission critical to meeting today’s security challenges and threats. D&I is relevant to everyone in Defence. It is about creating and sustaining an environment where people feel able to be authentic in the workplace; where everyone’s needs are considered; and where people feel respected and able to achieve their full potential. The Whole Force - our Service Personnel, Civil Servants and contractors - are expected to play their part in building an organisation where difference is valued, and where every individual has a positive lived experience.

Our Future Ambitions

The renewed way forward for D&I in Defence is based on delivering a vision that reflects our recognition that the recruitment, retention and inclusion of individuals with diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds will bring real strength to the organisation, wider Civil Service and society.

Our vision is that:

Defence harnesses the power of difference to deliver capability that safeguards our nation’s security and stability.

Strategic Goals

We will achieve this vision by focussing on three strategic goals:

Goal 1: To be an inclusive employer where all staff can fulfil their potential and feel confident that their unique perspectives and talents will be valued 

Goal 2: To be an organisation that, at all levels, appropriately represents UK society

Goal 3: To be recognised as a force for inclusion in wider society

Read more in the Ministry of Defence Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2018 - 2030

The Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Strategy