Executive Recruitment

A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Our People Vision: The DMS will be the best place to work in Defence. We will be recognised as an empowering, committed and rewarding employer that values and respects its people.

We have a diverse and inclusive workforce where differences are recognised and valued.

The need to embrace diversity and inclusion extends beyond the social justice case - the body of evidence demonstrating the correlations between high levels of diversity and inclusion and greater productivity and better patient experiences is clear and growing.10  It is not only morally right to ensure that the organisation is representative of society, there is also a business imperative for taking continuous action; a diverse and inclusive organisation supports a stronger, healthier and more resilient workforce. Our ability to attract and retain the right people requires us to create an environment which has a positive and inclusive culture and recognises, values and respects diversity.

To harness the power of diversity, we must be seen by wider society as an inclusive employer where all staff can fulfil their potential, do their best work and feel confident that they will be valued. We must, however, acknowledge where we are falling short. Whilst Defence has made significant progress in recent years, there is still more to do and for wholesale change to be made, the Department’s workforce needs to reflect the society it represents.

  • Strategic Priority - We view the need for a diverse and inclusive workforce supported by a compassionate and inclusive leadership approach as a strategic priority.
  • Strength - Embracing and celebrating diversity makes us stronger. Moreover, it sends a strong message to our people, wider society and our adversaries about our values.
  • The Lived Experience - We must develop and promote an inclusive culture and increase the diversity of our workforce at all levels across the DMS. This will enrich our working experiences and our ability to do great things.
  • Challenge and Psychological Safety - The need for diversity and inclusion is as much about diversity of thought and psychological safety to challenge as it is about protected characteristics.
  • Leadership - Our leaders will set the example – they will display the right behaviours and create and sustain the culture of respect, compassion and inclusion.

Promote Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

Our workforce is positively engaged to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and wellbeing.

We will value our people and encourage their engagement. The more engaged our people, the more they will flourish and deliver high quality outputs. To engage effectively, senior leaders from the DMS and HQ DMS Gp must be accessible and visible to all of our people in every location. Moreover, in psychologically safe teams, team members must feel accepted and respected. Our leaders and managers must create conditions in the workplace that allow for safe challenge of culture-bound behaviours and group-think; this is of particular importance when considering interactions between military and civil service employees. An engaged workforce is one that feels valued and trusted, and has a progressive career that is fulfilling, meaningful and structured.

  • Action Plans - We will challenge our traditional approach to workforce engagement. We must make the most of what we learn from the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS), the People Survey and the DMS Continuous Attitude Survey (DMS CAS)
  • Engagement - Our organisation needs to better understand what motivates our people to do great work and the things that get in their way; our leaders (and followers) need to embrace workforce engagement and devise mechanisms that allow us to enact change where appropriate. We will examine opportunities to benchmark with others (including the NHS) to help set our ambitions and track progress.
  • Absences - Our sickness absence rates amongst the civilian workforce are above average compared to UKStratCom and the wider MOD. The HQ DMS Gp Health Executive Committee will take an active role in helping us understand the issues and develop ways of support our colleagues.
  • Service Personnel - HQ DMS Gp will engage with the Service Commands to optimise the numbers of personnel available for operational deployment.

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