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About the Ministry of Defence

Our vision

The first duty of Government is to defend our country and to keep our people safe. Our national security and our economic security go hand-in-hand. Our strong economy provides the foundation to invest in our security and global influence, which provides more opportunities at home and overseas to increase our prosperity.

In a more dangerous world, we have chosen to use our hard earned economic strength to support our Armed Forces and give them what they need to help keep Britain safe. We will increase defence spending every year and continue to meet NATO’s target to spend 2% of GDP on defence for the rest of the decade.

In the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) we set out plans for stronger defence with more ships, more planes, more troops at readiness, better equipment for special forces, and more for cyber. We will protect our people, territories, value and interests, at home and overseas, through strong armed forces and in partnership with allies, to ensure our security and safeguard our prosperity.

We have four strategic objectives:

  1. Protect our People: We will defend and contribute to the security and resilience of the UK and Overseas Territories, protect our people abroad, maintain the Continuous At Sea Deterrent and conduct operations as required.
  2. Project our Global Influence: We will contribute to improved understanding of the world and increase our influence in the regions that matter to us, through strategic intelligence and the global defense network. We will reinforce international security and the capability of our allies, partners and multilateral institutions.
  3. Promote our Prosperity: We will contribute to the UK’s economic. security, support our industry including through innovation and exports, continue to invest in science and technology and contribute to the wider skills and citizenship development that support British society.
  4. Maintain a strategic base and integrated global support network, and manage the Department of State: We will maintain an agile strategic base and global support network that enable the command, generation, preparation, projection, sustainment, maintenance, operation and redeployment of military capability in support of the Defence objectives. This reflects the nature of the Department as a Strategic Military Headquarters as well as being a Department of State. We will command UK military operations worldwide, while providing the necessary enablers such as infrastructure, equipment, logistics and medical.

Defence in a Changing World

The National Security Strategy and SDSR15 highlighted the changing and increasingly uncertain international security context in which Defence must operate. The associated National Security Risk Assessment concluded that the risks and threats faced by the UK have increased in scale, diversity and complexity; the increasing threat posed by terrorism, the resurgence of state-based threats, the impact of technology, and the erosion of the rules-based international order are now particular challenges for the UK. We have made major reforms to how the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Armed Forces are organised and operate to ensure that we can maximise our investment in Defence capabilities.

We must adapt to stay ahead, configure our capability to address tomorrow’s threats, not yesterday’s, build more versatile and agile forces for the future, and ensure our people have what they need to do what we ask of them. We cannot do everything on our own, so we must work effectively with our Allies and partners. And we must spend our budget wisely.

The Prime Minister has committed to hold the largest review of the UK’s foreign, defence, security and development policy since the end of the Cold War. The Integrated Review will cover all aspects of the UK’s place in the world, from the role of our diplomatic service and approach to development to the capabilities of our Armed Forces and security agencies.

The review will be policy-led and will go beyond the parameters of a traditional review by considering the totality of global opportunities and challenges the UK faces and determining how the whole of government can be structured, equipped and mobilised to meet them. It will look at areas such as the procurement process used by the Armed Forces and other security services, ways to tackle Serious and Organised Crime more cohesively by building on the work of the Mackey Review and how we can better use technology and data to adjust to the changing nature of threats we face – from countering hostile state activity to strengthening our Armed Forces. All this will be undertaken with the aim of creating a more coherent and strategic approach to our overseas activity. 

Our People

Every hour of every day, our people are supporting operations around the globe, protecting Britain’s shores, developing world-class weaponry, and partnering with our international allies.

However, our success depends on our people – our Whole Force – Regulars and Reservists, civil servants and contractors, all working as one. 

We require:

  • Leadership at every level of Defence that is Inspiring, Confident and Empowering: making the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons – and learning from the things that go wrong;
  • Strong Armed Services with a war-fighting ethos and a willingness to adapt, and an effective Ministry of Defence, working together to make Defence as a whole stronger;
  • Modern, innovative ways of doing business, where individuals accept responsibility for decisions and we weed out duplication, red-tape, waste and delay.

We employ all kinds of people across a wide range of interesting and rewarding jobs and if you join us you will be doing work that makes a difference and really matter. Click here to hear more from our staff on their experiences of the Ministry of Defence. 

Employer of Choice 

The vision for Defence People is that our outputs are delivered by the right mix of capable and motivated people that appropriately represent the breadth of the society we exist to defend, now and in the future.

People in Defence must bring diversity of talent, experience, personal characteristics, perspective and background; this is not only morally right, but is fundamental to the operational effectiveness of Defence.

We strive to be an employer of choice, through recognising, encouraging and celebrating diversity. We aim to be an organisation that not only encourages everyone to be themselves in the workplace but makes a clear link between embracing individual diversity and the successful delivery of Defence outputs.

 What we aim to achieve: 

  • Ensuring MOD has a good quality evidence base to make decisions and direct resources.
  • Each person who works in defence feels and believes they are treated fairly and that the work practices and environments correctly support their individual needs to enable them to do their job effectively.
  • Business leaders and managers, both individually and collectively in Top Level Budgets (TLBs), intuitively factor diversity and equality into their decision making.
  • Individual members of staff understand their role and take responsibility for making the MOD diversity and inclusion philosophy a reality, such that policies are implemented and the gap between the rhetoric and experience is closed.
  • Assuring that MOD is legally compliant across the equality spectrum.

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